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Limited Run: Papua New Guinea Kindeng Dry Mill Specialty Natural Light Roast

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This fruit-forward and floral coffee is almost boozy, reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine finish along with chocolatey and tropical fruity notes. You’ll be impressed with this coffee both as a filter coffee or extracted as an espresso shot.

In the 1930’s the first seeds were brought over from Jamaica Blue Mountain to start sowing the first plants for what would become a vibrant collective of 1500 smallholder farmers from the Kindeng and Arufa regions. They are comprised of smallholder farmers who meticulously oversee their 1–2-hectare farms. The tropical rainforest of the highlands is fed from the Waghi River where they also grow tea trees. The area is so remote it requires almost one full day’s walk from the nearest road.

The Kindeng Dry Mill receives these coffee cherries, hand sorts, then processes them in a process that takes over 30 days. Specialty coffees from the Waghi Valley are starting to gain global notoriety for the unique flavour profile that they produce!

Cupping Notes Fig | Milk Candy | Guava
Region Wahgi Valley, Jikawa
Varietals Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Process Natural
Altitude 1500 - 2100 MASL
Collaborative Kindeng Dry Mill

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