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Teadore Dragon's Mint Loose Leaf Mint Green Tea


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A unique take on a Moroccan classic. Fresh mints and complex spice pleasantly compliment a light sweet “Dragonwell” green tea. The underlying spice pairs with the mint to part with a refreshing warmth.

Caffeine Content: Low (1/4)
Antioxidant Content: Very High (4/4)
Brewing Instructions: 2 tsp (2.5g)/80°C/4 mins
Bag Weight/Servings
70g/28 Servings

Chinese “Dragonwell” green tea*, Alberta wild mint*, spearmint*, lemon balm*, tulsi*, cardamom*, clove*, pink peppercorn*, black peppercorn*

Liquor: Pale blonde yellow.
Aroma: Lightly woody, crisp cardamom, mild mint, refreshing vegetal.
Flavor: Smooth, moderately refined, aromatic mint.

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