Fawkes Coffee

Limited Run: Colombia Arboleda Smallholder Co-op Dark Roast


The most interesting thing about this coffee is that each of the 9 smallholder farmers that work in cooperation with each other, use different washing methods. Some of the coffees are subjected to extended fermentation (between 20-80 hours depending on the farmer and what works best for their individual coffee bean). Some of the coffees have an added in-cherry fermentation period prior to de-pulping. Some are patio dried in the sun, and some are dried under partial shaded parabolic structures. The wide variety of techniques has led to a beautifully sweet and amazingly complex flavour profile.

The co-operative allows the farmers to work together while maintaining high levels of quality with more manageable lot sizes. More effort can be given to diligence in growing, harvesting, and processing the coffees that do the terroir justice. The following farms make up the cooperative: El Naranjo, Finca Las Cuadras, El Aguacate, El Miraflores, El Naranjo, El Motilón, El Romboy, El Cabuyal, and Mata de Guada.

Cupping Notes Earl Grey | Almond Bark | Chamomile
Region Arboleda, Nariño
Variety Caturra
Altitude 1900-2000 MASL
Process Various Washed Methods
Co-operative 9 Smallholder Farms


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