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Limited Specialty Run: Costa Rica Volcan Azul Obatá Natural Light Roast

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This is the third bean we’ve brought in from Alejo Castro and his family. The Obatá varietal is a Sarchimor just like the Marsellesa and San Isidro, so it is a hybrid of both Timor and Villa Sarchi varietals. The first Obatá varietal was planted at Volcan Azul in 2014. It was chosen due to its sustainability, and disease resistance (meaning fewer fungicides are needed), which have both a higher yield and more resistance to leaf rust. Once the cherries hit a specific Brix content, they are harvested, floated, and left fermenting for 2 days untouched before stirring and covering for between 13-15 more days.

Alejo Castro Kahle is a fifth-generation descendant of both renowned coffee pioneers Alejo C. Jiminez and Wilhelm Kahle. Both Jiminez, in Costa Rica, and Kahle in Southern Mexico, were the first farmers to foresee a growing high-end coffee market in Europe in the 1900s. Now, Alejo works on improving the lineage of the coffee plants by selecting the best seeds for new plants. Add the highly fertile volcanic soil of the Poás volcano and 120 years of family experience, and Volcan Azul produces an extremely special cup of coffee.

Alejo famously said, “the best micro-lot I make should be the last one of my life.”

Cupping Notes Almond Brownie | Black Tea | Dried Cherry
Region Volcan Azul, West Valley
Varietals Obatá
Altitude 1300-1600 MASL
Process Natural
Farmer Alejo Castro
Drying Time 13-15 Days

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