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Limited Run: Ethiopia Sakicha Natural Light Roast

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Though this farm and washing station are brand new, they come from Beniam Nardos, a third-generation coffee farmer. Situated in West Guji close to the town of Sakicha, Nardos decided to attain higher levels of quality, he opened both a farm and mill to manage the entire process vertically until exportation.

The high altitude in the region allows for cherries to mature at a slower rate, which in turn allows the sweetness and complexity of the flavours to develop further. From planting, to growing, to picking, to being hand-sorted, to being floated, then dried in partially shaded beds they can oversee every step – and especially quality – every step along the way.

Cupping Notes Plum | Cream Soda | Pomegranate
Region Oromia, West Guji
Varietals 74110, 74112, 74148
Washing Station Sakicha
Altitude 1850 MASL
Process Natural

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