Roasti Coffee

Ethiopia Gedeb Light Roast


The rich soil around this area combined with the immaculate processing method contributes to a refined final cup that is refreshing, sweet and balanced.

Getachew is a very experienced producer who is known for his skill in managing high-quality, efficient production levels. Around 600 smallholder farmers deliver ripe cherries to this washing station every year, many of which are from small family plots that include recently planted trees of improved varietals as well as traditional heirloom varieties. Once cherries are received at this station, hand selection of ripe cherries begins. Cherries are then de-pulped and placed in fermentation tanks for 24 hours. After fermentation, the coffees are soaked for another 24 hours before being transferred onto raised beds for drying which takes about 14-16 days. 

Cupping Notes Apricot | Grapefruit | Black Tea

Region Kochere, Gedeo 

Altitude 1800-2200 MASL

Varietals Heirloom (Traditional & Improved)

Process Washed

Producer Getachew Eshete

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