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Limited Run: Costa Rica Finca El Jocote Black Honey Medium Roast


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Black Honey processed coffee is all about the drying process. While Yellow Honey process is typically 8 days of drying in direct sun with 50% of the coffee cherry’s mucilage intact, and Red Honey is 12 days of drying in cloudy skies with 75% mucilage, Black Honey outdoes both with 15 days of covered drying time with 100% of the mucilage intact. This leads to a more complex depth of fruity sweet flavours and balanced acidity.

The Navarro Ceciliano family have been coffee farmers for 3 generations spanning over 100 years. The farmers uphold sustainable and environmentally conscious practices while processing their coffee cherries at the Rio Jorco micro mill, also run by third-generation coffee producers. The mill is responsible for processing coffees that regularly place in the Cup of Excellence. Farmers are paid for their coffees based on cup quality, incentivizing them to constantly thrive for increased quality rather than simply putting out high quantities of coffee.

Cupping Notes Brazil Nut | Blueberry | Grand Marnier
Region Rosario de Desamparados
Varietal Caturra
Process Black Honey
Altitude 1450-1500 MASL
Producer Navarro Ceciliano Family
Drying Time 15 days


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