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Limited Run: Ethiopia Aricha Natural Light Roast

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This is the third time we’ve showcased one of Faysel Abdosh’s amazing coffees. Mr Abdosh is a second-generation coffee farmer whose farm sits at extremely high altitudes (1950-2050 MASL). The area is well-known for producing some of the highest-quality coffees in all Ethiopia. The brightness and complexity of the coffee really stand out and exemplify the hard work and experience the farmers put into every bean.

From the birthplace of coffee, these ancestral coffee varietals are grown interspersed with other plants in a garden rather than in rows as often seen in uniform coffee farms. Hundreds of small farmers across the region bring their coffee to washing stations where cherry flotation and grading channels separate the coffee for export.

Cupping Notes Lemon-Lime | Tea | Mandarin Orange
Region Aricha, Gedeo
Varietals Kurume, 74100, 74112
Altitude 1950-2050 MASL
Process Natural
Farmer Faysel Abdosh
Drying Time 12-15 Days

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