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Limited Run: Uganda Sipi Falls Organic Light Roast

$42.26 $49.75

This award-winning coffee comes from smallholder family farms located on the slopes of Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano cut in half by the border of Kenya and Uganda. The volcano is known for growing some of the best organic coffee in Africa. Sipi Falls is the processing mill in Kapkwai, Kapchorwa District, named after a trio of majestic waterfalls in the area. It makes a balanced and fruity filter cup of coffee but absolutely shines as an espresso!  

Cupping Notes Banana | Strawberry Syrup | Dark Chocolate
Region Mount Elgon
Variety Bourbon: SL14, SL28 & Blue Mountain
Process Natural
Altitude 1700-1950 MASL
Certification Organic


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