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LIMITED EDITION: COSTA RICA Finca La Bendita Red Honey Medium Roast


If the washed process is removing the entire coffee cherry with water, and a natural process is letting the full cherry dry in the sun before removing the cherry, then honey processing is somewhere in the middle. It involves leaving varying degrees (in this case 70%) of the mucilage to ferment on the coffee bean creating a more complex and character flavour profile!

Christian “Tito” Monge and his three sisters: Erica, Marianela & Carolina run the family farm La Bendita in Tarrazu where they have planted an updated variety of Catuai called SH3. Their “reposado” method of processing continues to set them apart which is achieved by fermenting the de-pulped cherry with 70% of its mucilage intact for 36 hours in a controlled temperature environment. The end product is a more complex and dramatic flavour profile that yields a naturally sweeter coffee!

Cupping Notes Fig | Raspberry | Cacao Nib
Region Tarrazu
Variety Catuai
Process Red Honey (Reposado)
Altitude 1500-1600 MASL
Farmer Tito Monge
Fermentation Cherry then Demucilaged

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