Fawkes Coffee

Limited Run: Ethiopia Guji Mokonisa Washed Anaerobic Light Roast


This coffee has been described as an explosion of fruitiness

Faysel Abdosh is a second-generation coffee producer who focuses on cultivating the highest quality lots. He won the 2019 Ethiopian National Taste of Harvest competition with this anaerobic processed coffee. The anaerobic process is a newer process still being experimented with where the coffee is fermented in sealed tanks that are pressurized and all the oxygen is removed. This leads to rare and exotic flavours.

Faysel is a trailblazer with new coffee processing methods like the anaerobic process, but is also well respected in his community for his social initiatives like building schools and investing in road development projects.

Cupping Notes Rooibos | Black Currant | Orange Jam
Region Mokonisa
Varietals Local Landrace, 74110, 74112 (Heirloom)
Altitude 2000 MASL
Process Washed Anaerobic
Drying Time 12-15 Days
Drying Method African Raised Beds

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