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Hario V60 Coffee Pourover Kit with Glass Decanter


Only 5 pieces in stock!

Everyone's favourite, the Hario Pourover Kit is back! And it's got a fancy new box to go along with its new name. If you're looking to get started with coffee brewing or know someone you'd like to get started with manual brewing (and maybe they have a birthday coming up), then this Hario starter kit was made for you. This great value boxed kit comes with a Hario V60-02 Clear Coffee Dripper, a Hario V60-02 Diner Coffee Server, and a 40-pack of white V60-02 filters. Oh, and there's a coffee measuring spoon so you don't even need to buy a scale... yet.

If you're looking to up your coffee game this kit pairs amazingly well with the Timemore Black Mirror Basic+!

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