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Teadore Monk's Play Loose Leaf Black Pekoe Tea


An exotic and smooth Flowery Pekoe black tea that leaves a heavenly mellow finish. Like a Monk’s good honest day’s work, this tea emphasizes attention to flavour and allows your palate some playtime. “Idle hands do the devil’s work.”

Caffeine Content: High (3/4)
Antioxidant Content: High (3/4)
Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp (2.5g)/100°C/4-5 mins

Bag Weight/Servings:
70g/28 Servings

Ceylon FP black tea*, calendula petals*.

Liquor: Bright mahogany bronze.
Aroma: Light fruity grenadine, fresh citrus, light gingerbread, hints of vanilla.
Flavour: Delicate caramel and vanilla, mildly floral, long and complex.

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