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Limited Run: Ethiopia Guji Bule Hora Specialty Light Roast

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 This year’s Bule Hora washed lot undergoes a 36-hour fermentation period after being run through a de-pulping machine. The coffee is then soaked overnight for 24 hours and washed before being transferred to rest on raised drying beds for 15 days. During this time, it is periodically raked and sorted to ensure uniform drying and flavour development. This process is labour-intensive, but the attention to detail really shines through in the end cup.

The farm is owned by Biniyam Aklilu, a 3rd generation coffee farmer in West Guji. Aklilu has become more and more known for producing impeccable coffees due to years of experimenting and refining different processing methods. This makes Bule Hora one of the leading specialty coffee farms in all Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.

Cupping Notes Pineapple | Jasmine | Red Fruit
Region Oromia, West Guji
Varietals Dega, Kerume & Wolisho
Process 36-hour Fermentation then Washed
Altitude 2015 MASL
Drying Time 15 Days

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