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Revolution Pomegranate White Tea



Pomegranate's puckering and fruity red arils release a succulent smell when they are burst, and the same aroma rises up from a cup of Pomegranate White Tea from Revolution Tea. When the flow-through infuser bag hits the hot water in your teacup, the scent blossoms up and you are in for a relaxing treat. This Chinese Bai Mu Dan white tea is minimally processed and known world-over for a round, full, strong flavor. This balanced blend adds just enough Pomegranate to mellow the lightly caffeinated white tea, creating a whole experience for you as you enjoy your cup of tea.


Chinese Bai Mu Dan Tea (82%), South African Rosehips (10%), USA Pomegranate Flavor (6%), Chinese Safflower Petals (<5%)

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