Revolution Tea

Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea



Contains just enough French super blue lavender to add the perfect amount of sweetness to your cup. The perfect blend of Darjeeling estate, Ceylon & Oolong tea leaves are perfect whether added to a London Fog with steamed milk & vanilla, or on its own. Perfect for a caffeine boost at the office or to relax curled up with a good book. This tea is delightful from start to finish.


Who first added Oil of Bergamot to black tea leaves? No one knows for certain, but Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, often gets the credit. He probably didn't get an opportunity to experiment with marrying Chinese leaves and the orange-flavored oil that was primarily produced in Italy, but Earl Grey gets the credit for the tea that bears his name, and you'll delight in Revolution Tea's twist on this often enjoyed classic.


Sri Lankan Black Tea (74%), Chinese Shui Xian Oolong Tea (16%), Indian Darjeeling Tea (5%), French Lavender Flowers (<5%), USA Earl Grey Bergamot Flavor (<5%)

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